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Pokies policy out of touch with Tasmanians’ wishes

Talking Point: Pokies policy out of touch with Tasmanians’ wishes MEG WEBB, Mercury January 16, 2019 12:09am Subscriber only LINK WHEN government policy diverges significantly from community views, we are rightly prompted to ask why. It happened last week with the release of yet another poll showing Tasmanians want fewer …

Another poll confirms majority want pokies out of pubs

Future Tassie survey: Readers want fewer or no poker machines in Tasmania EMILY BAKER, State Political Reporter, Mercury January 7, 2019 10:35pm LINK (Subscriber only) THE Tasmanian Government has been urged to pull poker machines out of pubs and clubs after a majority of people surveyed said they wanted fewer or ...

2018 Round up Newsletter

In 2018, SARC has continued to be effective with our research-led advocacy on key social issues in Tasmania. Click HERE or image to read our round-up of SARC activity and progress in 2018.