About us

Research, policy, advocacy and social action to achieve positive social change

The Social Action and Research Centre (SARC) is part of Anglicare Tasmania. For the past 20 years we have undertaken research, policy development and advocacy towards achieving a just Tasmania, successfully influencing government and decision-makers to create new services, review and reform existing policy, and improve programs to help Tasmania’s most disadvantaged people and communities.

Our work covers the priority social issues that affect Tasmanians: housing and homelessness, mental health, gambling, disability, out-of-home care, ageing, transport, poverty, cost of living, food security, employment and education. Qualitative and quantitative social research is a fundamental focus for SARC work. Our qualitative research allows the voices and lived experience of Tasmanians to be directly heard. In some cases it draws on Anglicare service delivery expertise and clients. Our quantitative research utilises statistical evidence to show demographic and other trends and make the case for systemic change.

We also engage in social action – fighting for fairness, equality and justice through systemic change. SARC engages in social action through policy development, advocacy and campaigning. Our advocacy involves directly lobbying government regarding social justice issues, connecting the work of SARC to broader public policy debates and creating opportunities for networking and collaboration to achieve social change.

SARC is unique in the Tasmanian social policy and community sector landscape, and among only a small group of similar entities nationally. Three things that make SARC unique are:

  • We are independent and beholden to no external funding sources or agendas, allowing us to set our own priorities and operate according to our own values.
  • We are connected to the largest NGO in Tasmania which delivers services across the state, grounding our work directly in the daily experiences of low income Tasmanians.
  • We explicitly focus on Tasmania and the social issues that directly impact our state and our people.
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Please email SARC@anglicare-tas.org.au or write to us on Facebook


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