2018 Round up Newsletter

Shaun Thurstans 2018, News and Media, Newsletter

In 2018, SARC has continued to be effective with our research-led advocacy on key social issues in Tasmania. Click HERE or image to read our round-up of SARC activity and progress in 2018.

Outside In Research

Shaun Thurstans 2018, Education, Events, Homelessness, News and Media, Young People

Outside In: How the youth sector supports the school re-engagement of vulnerable children in Tasmania. This report explores the barriers to school access and participation that youth workers identify and considers the systemic changes required to ensure the greatest educational opportunity for vulnerable children. It is an extends from earlier pieces …

Making changes for our children

Michelle Wisbey 2018, Child Protection, News and Media, Young People

Last week, re-elected Premier Will Hodgman announced his second-term cabinet, with one of the biggest changes being the appointment of former backbencher Roger Jaensch to Human Services Minister. This challenging position will see Mr Jaensch take a leading role in the wellbeing of Tasmania’s vulnerable children. With the number of ...