Exploring our pokie-free communities

Michelle Wisbey 2017, Gambling, News and Media, Uncategorized

Imagine a community free from poker machines. Where you can walk around the street corner and not be confronted by a dangerous machine that was designed to addict and rigged to win.

In a handful of Tasmanian municipalities, these places already exist.

In the council areas of Flinders, King Island, Tasman, Southern Midlands, and Central Highlands, there are no poker machines.

We asked the residents for Tasman if they would like pokies introduced into their towns. We heard their response loud and clear – “no”.

Change is upon us. In just a few short weeks, the future of our state will be changed forever. Urgent action is required to ensure we don’t waste this opportunity. Now is the time to raise your voice, because you will not have another chance. It’s happening – be a part of it.