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Rental Affordability Snapshot Tasmania 2018new research by Michelle Wisbey

The Rental Affordability Snapshot is an annual look at the extent to which residential properties in Tasmania are affordable and appropriate for people living on low incomes. On one weekend in March 2018, SARC collected information on all the properties advertised as available for rent across the state and worked out whether people on government income support payments and people on the minimum wage could afford to find suitable accommodation for themselves and their families without putting themselves in rental stress. We found that people on Youth Allowance, Newstart Allowance or single parents on Parenting Payments were completely locked out of the private rental market, and even households earning a minimum wage had only a small pool of rental homes that could be considered affordable.

Removing poker machines from hotels and clubs in Tasmania: Economic considerationsA new research report by Professor John Mangan

Anglicare Tasmania is seeking to have poker machines removed from hotels and clubs in Tasmania and restricted to licenced casinos, the model currently in place in Western Australia. This in the belief that the social harm (and its quantifiable economic costs to the most vulnerable in Tasmanian society) associated with the widespread and easily accessible poker machines in Tasmania outweighs any economic benefits that may accrue.  This report examines the likely economic impacts of such a shift in poker machine location. The three economic scenarios modelled for this report all show increases in Gross State Product and employment with the removal of poker machines from all hotels and clubs.

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Too Hard? Highly vulnerable teens in TasmaniaA new research report by Dr Catherine Robinson

This report explores young people’s high vulnerability as a key social justice facing Tasmania. Foregrounding the voices of highly vulnerable teens whose needs for care have fallen outside of families and between government agencies and non-government services, this report offers insights into the needed shape of immediate and long-term responses.

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