Pokies in Pembroke – the facts and figures

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Download the Pokies in Pembroke map here.

The Pembroke by-election is less than two weeks away and the issue on everybody’s mind is freeing communities of poker machines.

There are 150 poker machines spread across five venues in the Pembroke electorate.  Every one of the sixteen schools in the electorate are within two kilometres of at least one poker machine venue.

These machines led to a total loss of more than $8 million last year in Pembroke alone – millions of dollars that was taken out of the local community and not spent in other local businesses.

The Social Action and Research Centre has created maps profiling the presence of poker machines in Tasmanian communities and demonstrating their impact.

Each poker machine in Pembroke takes more than $54,000 a year, which is $8000 more than the local average wage, and a loss of more than $300 per year for every adult in the area.

Tasmania is poised for change, we have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to free local suburbs from poker machines.  Poker machines belong only in casinos, not alongside our schools, shopping centres and doctors surgeries.

Stay tuned – SARC will be producing poker machine maps for each electorate ahead of the State Election due in March 2018.

Take Action: www.pokiescauseharm.org.au | Discover the facts about pokies in your local government area: www.pokermachinescauseharm.org.au

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