Submission to 2007-08 State Budget Consultative Process

Selina Claxton 2006, Research library, Submissions

In this submission Anglicare has prioritised two key areas of need. The first of these is the desperate need for affordable housing being experienced in Tasmania. Anglicare calls on the Government to make target injections of both capital and operational funds to ensure supply of public housing, to support low income earners to move into home ownership and to support tenants in the private rental market. The second critical area of need identified by Anglicare in this submission is that of Tasmanians with disabilities. Recent Anglicare research has revealed unacceptable levels of unmet need for essential services, difficulties in accessing services due to shortfalls in service provision, long waiting lists and a fragmented service system. This submission prioritises Anglicare’s key recommendations for action.

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October 2006
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