Submission to Tasmanian State Budget Community Consultation 2018-19

Selina Claxton 2017, Child Protection, Gambling, Housing, State Budget, Submissions

Anglicare encourages the State Government to invest in resources, systems and services that will enable Tasmanians to participate fully in shaping their own future. We believe that State Government can make sound investments in the Tasmanian people and strong Tasmanian communities by prioritising: affordable housing that provides a secure and stable base for Tasmanian families to flourish; systems and services that support families, children and young people to overcome barriers in their lives and participate in developing their own positive futures; and the removal of poker machines from hotels and clubs in Tasmania. Such investments will lead to longer term savings on the more expensive intensive critical and crisis support and are key to creating a Tasmania based on equity and social justice.

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December 2017
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