Dr Catherine Robinson in Parity Magazine – ‘Porn or pedagogy?’ An interview on Filthy Rich and Homeless

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Parity Magazine | July 2017 | Volume 30 – Issue 5

Anglicare Tasmania sponsored the July issue of Parity magazine, from the Council to Homeless Persons (Poverty and Homelessness: The Elephant in the Room, Volume 30 – Issue 5).

Dr Catherine Robinson’s article, Porn or pedagogy?, An interview on Filthy Rich and Homeless discusses Catherine’s experience co-hosting the SBS TV series Filthy Rich and Homeless which is originally aired on SBS in July 2017.

This publication also features a contribution from SARC researcher Lindsey Moffatt, who co-authored a piece on Housing Related Poverty and Homelessness in Tasmania, with Andrea Young from Shelter Tasmania.

SARC was pleased to be involved in the national launch of this edition of Parity, held in Hobart on 4 August, 2017. SARC Manager, Meg Webb, participated in a panel discussion which was moderated by Dr Catherine Robinson.

Full reference:
Robinson, C. (2017) ‘Porn or pedagogy?’, An interview on Filthy Rich and HomelessParity, 30, (5): 20-21.

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