Teens thrown into ‘Too Hard’ basket by Tasmanian child protection services – ABC Radio, July 2017

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Breakfast with Ryk Goddard
Interview with Meg Webb, Manager of Anglicare Tasmania’s Social Action and Research Centre

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Duration: 9min 21sec

Highly Vulnerable Teens in Tasmania are bouncing through a fractured and incoherent system. Anglicare’s report released today shocked people with years of experience in supporting people at risk. The levels of neglect and lack of capacity to care result in childhoods that lead to prison or suicide. Meg Webb from Anglicare’s research wing explains the emotional and frightening truths revealed in the report she commissioned. The hope is in the words of the young people who report they want a normal childhood.

Download the full pdf report here | Contact Catherine Robinson: catheriner@anglicare-tas.org.au